Surge in Brits wanting to learn a new language after Brexit referendum, app data shows

Language learning app, Lingvist, has reported a 91% increase in UK user interest in the nine months following the EU referendum.

The company examined the nine months of learning data before and after Brexit (August 2016 – April 2017) and found that Britons’ appetite for language learning strengthened despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU. The company found that its English-French course had experienced a 12% increase in learners, and that the most popular language courses were French, Spanish, and German.

“With Brexit around the corner, the growing concerns around how the UK will be able to bridge the language skills gap have been brought to the fore,” Lingvist’s co-founder and COO, Ott Jalakas was cited as saying in a report by Tech City News.

Government statistics show that the UK is already losing £50bn a year due to poor language skills with an over-reliance on one language affecting business turnover, profitability and expansion to new markets.

“Our data shows that the UK is on the right path to bridge the language learning gap,” Jalakas said.

Source: Lingvist; Tech City News


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