Air-powered Lego car driven through suburban Melbourne

What do you get if you cross a Romanian technologist, an Australian entrepreneur, 40 investors and 500,000 plastic bricks? A real car made entirely of Lego of course! 

Running on 4 air-powered Lego engines, 256 Lego pistons, only the wheels and a couple of gauges are not constructed from Lego. The car, dubbed the Super Awesome Micro project, is the brain-child of Romanian “teenager” Raul Oaida and Australian technology enthusiast Steve Sammartino, who met on the internet and came up with the idea. Knowing they lacked the necessary funds to complete the project, Sammartino sent out the following tweet. “Anyone interested in investing $500 – $1,000 in a project which is awesome and a world first tweet me. Need about 20 participants.” 40 Australians willingly contributed cash to the project (which ended up costing $60,000 in Lego bricks alone!)

The pair built the car in Romania over 18 months and shipped it to Australia. After reassembling some of the major components once there, the pair drove it, at up to 20km/hr through the streets of suburban Melbourne – all the while a little anxious about a potential Lego explosion. None came, however, and the car has since attracted a lot of attention from Lego-lovers the world over.

“This can’t have been an easy thing to make, let alone to make move. The engine in particular must have required some innovative thinking,” said Matt Saunders, deputy road test editor of Autocar magazine.

This invention is perhaps the technological equivalent of art for art’s sake: not very useful but a sheer wonder to behold!

Why not have a look at the car in action?

Sources Include: BBC News; YouTube


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