Apple’s next iPhone may have advanced fingerprint unlocking system

According to recent reports, the iPhone 5S, due to be released by technology giants Apple this summer, is to feature an advanced unlocking system which responds to the owner’s fingerprints.

Rumours began circulating last year when Apple, the world-famous creators of, amongst other items, the iPod, iPad and the Macintosh,  bought biometric security firm  AuthenTec for a mere £235 million. AuthenTec is a company which designs and produces biometric chips for computers and mobile devices, as well as making technology that allows users to securely access virtual private networks (VPNs), and it is this in particular which will be predominant in Apple’s endeavours to retain their place in the top spot in the global business markets, above other strong competitors such as Windows, Samsung and BlackBerry.

If speculations are correct, Apple’s iPhone 5S will allow the phone’s owner to unlock the device by pressing their finger against a fingerprint chip under the Home button. The result? Mobile phone passwords will become a thing of the past, eliminating complicated passwords and drastically improving security and usability.

Other mobile phone developers have been experimenting recently with similar biometric security features, such as iris scanning and voice recognition. Indeed, Samsung’s Galaxy S3, released last year, featured a ‘Face Unlock’ system. However, it is hoped that this year’s Galaxy S4 will show improvement in the face recognition feature, as the S3 could often be unlocked if the camera was shown a picture of the owner’s face. The Galaxy S4 also features a voice recognition software, much like iPhone’s Siri, however the current version is unable to differentiate between individual people, and cannot identify a particular person. It is thought, however, that with greater technological development, the smartphones of the future will be equipped with ultra-sensitive voice recognition software capable of recognising the owner’s voice.

The results of Apple’s takeover of AuthenTec are expected to be released this summer with the release of the new iPhone 5S, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Sources include The Telegraph


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