World’s fastest smartphone unveiled

The Ascend P2, claimed to be the world’s fastest smartphone was unveiled by Huawei, the major Chinese telecoms equipment group at the mobile phone industry’s annual gathering in Barcelona. The gathering opened its doors a day after hundreds of thousands of demonstrators joined together across Spain in protest at national austerity measures.
Huawei claims the Ascend P2 a sleek 8.4mm device with 16 GB of memory connects to the web up to three times faster than other smartphones when using Wi-Fi able to download high-definition films in minutes and videos, songs and ebooks in just seconds. The device runs on Google’s Android software which was showcased at the exhibition only a year ago with a gigantic stand complete with juice bar and helter-skelter.
This year, with Google in non attendance the showmanship will be left to Huawei, which has launched a new branding campaign under the slogan “Make it Possible” by commissioning a magnetically suspended artwork of a 1m square cube of solid steel ‘floating’ in mid-air.  Richard Yu, head of the Chinese company’s consumer business, said the company now had “strong momentum” in its efforts to be a “leading smartphone brand in the coming years”.

Huawei – though still relatively obscure as a world wide brand recently overtook BlackBerry to become the world’s third largest smartphone maker. Although it is some way behind Samsung and Apple, its less expensive but high-performing handsets are attracting a growing following. Last year alone it showed an increase in mobile shipments of over 60%.

Huawei shipped 127m consumer devices last year, of which 32m were smartphones while many mobile companies shrunk Huawei showed an increase in overall sales of 10% on the previous year. Overall income including sales of network equipment to telecoms companies totalled $35.4bn, bringing Huawei level for the first time with the market leader Ericsson.

The shifting global power balance in telecoms is clear this year with China’s Huawei and Korea’s Samsung vying with Sweden’s Ericsson and US computer chip maker Qualcomm to host the largest stands at this year’s Mobile World Congress trade fair.

Although the number of delegates is expected to rise from 67,000 to 70,000 this year, cash-strapped European mobile phone networks are cutting back their presence as austerity grips Europe. According to Bloomberg, Vodafone is spending 20% less this year and, along with Sweden’s TeliaSonera, is sending fewer executives.

Following student riots last year and Sunday’s 100,000-strong demonstration in Madrid, at which prime minister Mariano Rajoy was urged to step down, security is expected to be tight.

Sourced from The Guardian,


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