Japanese ‘Love Your Wife Day’ video sparks international interest

Dozens of Japanese men took to the stage in Tokyo on Tuesday to declare their love for their wives. This unusual public display of affection is in honour of Japan’s annual ‘Love Your Wife Day’, a recently established romantic custom in Japan. An online video, complete with subtitles for international viewers,  shows a group of men shouting ‘I love you’, as well as individual declarations of love eagerly watched by a crowd of onlookers and a camera crew! One lady said that her husband’s participation in the event made him appear ‘very fabulous and manly’, reminding her of the early days of their eight-year marriage.

Reservation and modesty are prized in Japanese society, meaning powerful displays of affection like this are rare. Yet this romantic event, which takes place in a car-park in Tokyo, is broadcast nationwide, has now become part of Japanese tradition.

‘Love Your Wife Day’ comes only a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, usually only observed by women in Japan.  They give heart-shaped chocolate to their loved ones as an expression of their feelings. However, women are definitely not neglected when it comes to receiving gifts. One month later on ‘White Day’ or Howaito Dē  (named after the colour of the chocolate originally gifted) men are expected to return the favour by giving presents of higher value to their wives and girlfriends and nowadays this is often expensive jewellery or clothing!

Although ‘White Day’ was originally a Japanese commercial invention, it is also celebrated in China, Taiwan and South Korea.

Sources include: The Huffington Post; The Guardian


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