Apple expected to launch new mini iPad

The technology giant Apple has today sent out invitations for an event on 23rd October, where it is expected to launch a new miniature version of the current generation Apple iPad. Colourful invites – which featured the same design as that used on the invitations to the 2010 launch of the full-size iPad – were sent to journalists, analysts and others with the tagline “we’ve got a little more to show”. The event is set to take place at the 1,122-seat California Theatre in San Jose on Tuesday, at 6pm UK time.

There has been much internet speculation about the event, with Apple fans wondering about design and prices of the new technology. It is thought that the iPad will be 7.85″ big with a screen resolution half that of the current iPad at 1024 x 768. This resolution would be less than the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7, made by Asus. The German blog Mobile Geeks has claimed therecould be eight different models of the new iPad,  and a top of the line, fully loaded iPad mini could set gadget fans back as much as £520, if leaked reports are to be believed.

Speculation has also been growing that the technology company will show off new versions of its Macbook laptop line with a smaller 13in screen using its “retina” high-resolution display.

Invitations to the event are thought to have been sent strategically; they arrived in inboxes just an hour after Microsoft announced prices for its new Surface tablet. The event will take place three days before Microsoft’s product goes on sale, and a day before Amazon’s Kindle fire tablet launches in the UK.

Sources: The Guardian, The Mirror, The Daily Mail


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