Samsung and Apple Battle Highlights Level of Industry Competition

Apple and Samsung are currently entrenched in a legal battle over patent infringement relating to their respective smart phones and tablets. Though there is basis for these disputes on actual infringement, the regularity and proliferation of such legal battles between producers of next generation technology highlights the fierce competition that exists within the industry.

Apple is suing Samsung for copying their ‘Apple Tablet’ design with the Samsung Galaxy 10.1. At the moment, Samsung as agreed to put off selling the device in Australia until the outcome of the court case. However, this is just one of the legal battles involving Apple around the world. Apple is currently involved in various patent disputes with technology companies such as HTC, Motorola and Nokia. Most of the disputes seem to be taking place between Apple, who uses iOS software to run their iPhone and iPad, and those that use the Google Linux based software Android as the operating software on various mobile and tablet devices. Drawing the lines of battle between software then reflects Google‘s on-going push to enter more spheres of software development and directly challenge the likes of Microsoft and Apple.

However, the rapid proliferation of so many patent cases and claims over the last few years relating smart phone and tablet technology also points to an industry in which competition to secure any advantage is fierce. In fact, some suggest that part of the motivation to take out a lot of these patent cases against competitors is to slow down the release and sales of rival products.

An added twist to the current patent battle between Apple and Samsung is that while Apple sues Samsung over the Galaxy 10.1 design, Samsung is counter-suing Apple over patent infringement of some of their thousands of patents held in the US. In addition to this, Samsung currently supply an estimated 50% of components (by value) for Apple‘s iPhone.

Corporations such as Apple, Samsung and HTC and the patents cases they pursue are international in their conduct and implications. It is important that language is not a barrier in any legal setting. At TJC Global, we have a network of experienced and professional linguists who specialise in patents and other legal matters. This ensures that the translation or interpreting is not only accurate, but done with an in-depth understanding of the matter at hand.

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