Google Enter Social Networking Market

The search engine giant Google has made a significant challenge to Facebook in the social networking market by launching their own service called ‘Google+’. The company argue that their take on the online social networking phenomenon is a more realistic version than those already on the market and will reflect the ‘real’ social life of people better than other sites currently available.

The extraordinary market value of social networking sites, largely driven by its potential for advertising and direct access to consumers, has become the a major topic for discussion in the technological world, with Facebook and other social networking sites readying initial public share offerings amounting to billions of dollars. Google has recognised this and attempted break Facebook’s domination of the market.

However, over the years Google has made a number of attempts to build potential rivals to Facebook without a huge deal of success. In 2010, they released ‘Google Buzz’, a social networking site that immediately enrolled all users of their popular Gmail service. However, some claimed that automatically signing up people to the site and making it available to so many instantaneously brought about serious privacy and serious issues, not least that such actions allegedly broke Google’s own privacy policy.

With this new attempt, however, Google claim to have built a site that gives more detailed and realistic social networking experience. New features include ‘circles’ that allow a user to organise their friends into groups, ‘huddle’ and ‘hangouts’ – group interaction through video and messaging, and ‘sparks’ that connect user common interests.

The key to the success of Google‘s new site and its innovations will be its uptake by users and the ability for companies to use it for marketing and advertising purposes. Google current standing as the leading search engine should stand it in good stead to make its new service known quickly and bring in many users. Furthermore, one assumes that Google have built the site to take full advantage of marketing and advertising, which should make attractive for businesses to take part. However, the success of each of these depends on the other; therefore both have to grow simultaneously.

Another interesting aspect to Google‘s social networking site will be how Google’s apparent policy of developing interrelated systems will affect the growth and success of the site. In recent years Google has produced a myriad of software, a number of online sites and applications, and operating system software in an attempt to create technological and software interrelatedness to maximise the positive feedbacks of using all of Google’s services at once.

How successful Google is in its venture could determine a new level of access for business to marketing through social networking sites. Marketing and advertising through the internet is clearly a huge area of business focus. For businesses to make the most of the borderless and globalised nature internet marketing and use its consumer access to full potential, translation and interpreting into a range of languages is success for any international strategy. At TJC Global, we have an extensive network of linguists specialising in business marketing, advertising and maximising the use of online services.

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