2011 Renewable Energy Events Worldwide

With increasing demand for energy worldwide alongside growing environmental concerns of natural resource depletion and climate change, the development of renewable energy sources has become a top priority. In response to this, a range of research organizations, government departments, international collaborations as well as fuel and power producers themselves are presenting their ideas on a global platform in the coming year.

2011 will see a variety of conferences and exhibitions in this field at locations all over the world. From the UK’s assessment of its Renewable Energy Strategy in London (February) to the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE (January), efforts to push for policy progress are being taken at national and global scales.

Advances in the development of existing ‘green’ energy technologies are to be shared, for example in the fields of solar and wind power, with the Solar Power Australia conference to be held next month in Melbourne; the UK’s conference and exhibition on Offshore Wind Power in London; the European Solar Days meetings in Brussels (May) and the Wind and Solar Integration Summit in Arizona, USA (January). The development of biofuels – including efforts to reduce the ‘well-to-wheels’ net carbon emissions in their production process – will be discussed at BioEnergy World Africa 2011 in Jonnesburg and the World Biofuels Markets congress and exhibition to be held in Rotterdam (March).

Meanwhile, the creation of the latest sources of sustainable energy and new areas for ‘green’ technology research and development are to be promoted at the International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology  in Singapore, and Chinas’ 2011 International Conference on Future Environment and Energy.

With the global movement for advances in alternative energies both geographically widespread and stretching across sectors from biofuels to hydropower and nuclear energy, 2011 is set to be an exciting time in the fields of energy and natural resources, power production and the environmental sciences.

For further information regarding renewable energy events for the coming year please see the following:







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