Interpreting and Translation Reach Top 50 Careers

According to U.S. News, interpreting and translation are rated as being amongst the best 50 careers for 2011, the list of which has been judged using criteria such as income, job availability, opportunities for personal development and job satisfaction.

Thanks to globalisation increasing the magnitude of economic, political, social and cultural ties between countries, the demand for interpreting and translation services is set to expand in the future despite the cutbacks in expenditure which have become characteristic of the recession. U.S. News also attributes the expected expansion in the language interpreting and translation sector to the ability of linguists to work flexibly as freelancers. This means work can potentially be tailored to one’s own lifestyle, something which is particularly appealing to those juggling childcare and family commitments with employment.

Here at TJC Global we take on qualified translators and interpreters of the highest standards. Our team have at least 5 – 10 years of professional translation and interpreting experience in most cases, with specialists in various fields such as legal interpreting, technical translation and interpreting for business and academic conferences. Since our network of linguists is located around the globe, TJC Global can provide its services tailored to your needs, finding the most suitable translators and interpreters for each individual project. To browse the languages and fields we cover, see our website

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