EU Invests in African Renewable Energy

This autumn saw the introduction of the Renewable Energy Co-operation Programme (RECP) between the EU and Africa. The RECP aims to drive towards targets in the development of renewable energy technology and infrastructure, focussing in particular on wind power, solar energy and hydropower.

The RECP could encourage Africa’s production of ‘clean’ energy, which does not rely on finite natural resources and could help keep greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum, promoting socio-economic advancement on the continent without the pollution usually associated with development.In addition to the environmental appeal of the RECP, it is hoped that the programme will strengthen financial ties between the EU and Africa, and will remain competitive with Chinese investment in Africa’s renewable energy technology.

Critics argue however that the programme has insufficient financial support and may take an approach that is too ‘top down’, failing to involve users of the technology enough and hindering the socio-economic sustainability of the programme, despite its being ‘environmentally friendly’.

Here at TJC Global we look forward to seeing the results of the development of wind power in Cape Verde, an RECP project funded by the European Investment Bank. Whilst this project is expected to be in action by 2012, only time will tell if the cape Verdean example will be replicated across Africa. With several of our clients in the renewable energy industry, TJC Global is committed to the ethos of positive environmental and social change. For this reason, we offer translation and interpreting services in over 180 different languages worldwide, with specialist linguists in the fields of energy and natural resource extraction, renewable energy sources, environmental sciences and technical engineering as well as many other related fields. To see the full range of translation and interpreting services we offer, please see our website:

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