Travel chaos in Western Europe as snow sweeps across the continent

As the 25th of December draws closer and the shops fill with the sound of Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’, here at TJC Global we’re all hoping the recent travel chaos will turn from nightmare to dream, in time for Christmas day.

The last week has seen a transport crisis in Europe that has disrupted flights worldwide with aeroplanes unable to land, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. In the UK, Heathrow airport descended into what some described as complete chaos, whilst rail services on the East Coast and West Coast main lines were significantly reduced and roads remained unusually quiet due to the dangerous icy conditions. In France, Germany and Denmark, freezing rain and heavy snowfall have made road travel so treacherous that the armed forces have been called upon in some regions to help.

Improvements in the last 48 hours however have given grounds for new optimism, as London airports have resumed normal flight activity and special efforts have been made to supply sufficient amounts of grit for the roads. After an initial slump in profits in what would usually be the busiest time of the year for the retail sector, economists expect transactions to increase in the final shopping hours before Christmas as consumers who had avoided the bad weather make their last purchases.

Here at TJC Global we’re wishing a warm and merry Christmas to all, and hoping for better luck with weather conditions in the New Year.


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