TJC Global – News for Winter 2010.

The start of the winter season has seen TJC Global Ltd take part in a number of exciting projects. In October our interpreters attended a technical engineering conference in Paris attended by an international client base, meanwhile in Oxford, England, TJC Global supported a Social Capital lecture series involving discussions based on some of the latest research in this field.

Our translators have completed assignments that have proven to be truly global in their scope and highly relevant to the international community and economy today. This includes working with organizations in the fields of renewable energy and bio-fuels, and in electrical engineering for the European automotive industry. We have also supported translation projects in the publishing of educational resources for one of the largest publishers in the UK.

During the next month TJC will be supporting a range of clients in the legal sector in particular, for which our interpreters have specialist knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields such as intellectual property, human rights, insurance and commercial law.

TJC Global always looks forward to working on new projects and expanding its client base. Please visit or for more details of our clients and the industries we support.


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